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Project Leaders

Dr Andy Bond. Chief Scientist
Professor Kerry Raymond. Research Director
Dr Andrew Goodchild. Senior Project Leader
Dr Jane Hunter. Senior Project Leader
Dr Audun Josang. Senior Project Leader
Dr Peter Bruza. Senior Project Leader
Dr Zoran Milosevic. Senior Project Leader
Dr Michael Lawley. Senior Project Leader
Dr Linda Bird. Senior Project Leader
Dr Hoylen Sue. Senior Project Leader
Mr Keith Duddy. Senior Project Leader
Mr Andrew Wood. Senior Project Leader
Dr Tim Mansfield. Senior Project Leader

Mr Ted McFadden. Senior Project Leader

Ted McFadden has been involved in the development of mission critical software systems since 1981. He has a broad range of experience, including designing software systems to enhance production capability in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

He obtained his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA in 1985 and is currently pursuing a PhD with the ITEE department at The University of Queensland where his research concerns applying context-aware environments to healthcare for the elderly, focusing on support for independent living.

Ted joined the Distributed Systems Technology Centre in 1997.
He currently is project leader for the Pervasive Autonomic Context-aware Environments (PACE) project, focusing on the utilisation of context information, such as location and identity, to enhance the capabilities and usability of pervasive computing environments in the enterprise.

Mr Ted McFadden