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Project Leaders
Dr Andy Bond. Chief Scientist
Professor Kerry Raymond. Research Director
Dr Andrew Goodchild. Senior Project Leader
Dr Jane Hunter. Senior Project Leader
Dr Audun Josang. Senior Project Leader
Dr Peter Bruza. Senior Project Leader
Dr Zoran Milosevic. Senior Project Leader
Mr Ted McFadden. Senior Project Leader
Dr Michael Lawley. Senior Project Leader
Dr Linda Bird. Senior Project Leader
Dr Hoylen Sue. Senior Project Leader
Mr Keith Duddy. Senior Project Leader
Mr Andrew Wood. Senior Project Leader

Dr Tim Mansfield. Senior Project Leader

Between 1999 and 2003 Dr Mansfield led the Information Ecology project and acted as chief architect of the Scuttlebutt social weblog system and the Nexus community news portal system. From 1995 to 1999 he worked in the WORLDS project which simultaneously developed a theoretical framework (The Locales Framework) and a software prototype (Orbit) imagining the next generation of collaborative systems.

Dr Mansfield was awarded a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Queensland in 1996 on Human-Computer Interaction.

Dr Mansfield’s current work includes:
  • Knowledge In The Enterprise (KITE), in collaboration with social science researchers from three faculties of UTS. This project researches the use of semantic web technology in supporting knowledge sharing in SMEs.
  • The Bystander Field in collaboration with Dr Toni Robertson and Prof. Ross Gibson of (UTS). This interactive media piece uses 3000 images from NSW crimes scenes to create an immersive space intended to communicate a gestalt perception of the image collection to the audience member.
  • The New Media Projects studio site in collaboration with the Emerging Field of New Media and Digital Culture at UTS. This project will seed new media groups all over UTS with social software tools and provide the studio site as a kind of mirror of activity, people and relationships across the field.
Dr Tim Mansfield