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Project Leaders
Dr Andy Bond. Chief Scientist
Professor Kerry Raymond. Research Director
Dr Andrew Goodchild. Senior Project Leader
Dr Jane Hunter. Senior Project Leader
Dr Audun Josang. Senior Project Leader
Dr Peter Bruza. Senior Project Leader
Dr Zoran Milosevic. Senior Project Leader
Mr Ted McFadden. Senior Project Leader
Dr Michael Lawley. Senior Project Leader
Dr Linda Bird. Senior Project Leader
Mr Keith Duddy. Senior Project Leader
Mr Andrew Wood. Senior Project Leader
Dr Tim Mansfield. Senior Project Leader

Dr Hoylen Sue. Senior Project Leader

Dr Hoylen Sue’s areas of technology expertise include XML technologies; XML Query; XML Schema; XForms; SVG; XHTML, CSS; Internet and Web technologies; Electronic health records; Security; Metadata; Resource Discovery; Z39.50. Dr Sue is also has significant software design and development expertise in: Distributed systems design; Object oriented design; CORBA; C and C++; Java; JavaScript; and Perl.

He is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML Query Working Group and the XML Schema Working Group. He is also the technical manager of the Australian W3C Office.

He has considerable experience in architecting distributed systems. He has worked on many successful consultancies for government and private industries. Projects he has worked on, in the role of a senior architect, include the Queensland Government’s Access Queensland project and the Brisbane Southside HealthConnect trial.

Dr Sue is a project leader of the Titanium project, which is researching data transformations and interoperability currently focusing on the use of XML technologies and is targeting electronic health records in the health care domain.

Dr Sue completed his D.Phil from the University of Sussex in 1995 on Implicit Modelling for Animation.

Dr Hoylen Sue