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MetaSuite is DSTC’s answer to metadata management. This Australian technology innovation is a powerful and complete point solution toolset for creating and managing high quality Dublin Core-style metadata repositories. It is scalable, robust and can be tailored to meet specific needs of individual portals. MetaSuite has been developed with a more rigorous metadata classification system than traditional approaches such as Google. This ensures that searches undertaken using MetaSuite are contextually richer, and provide better quality end results. MetaSuite has been in use commercially since 1999 and has a proven track record in providing best practice metadata management for complex information holdings.

The MetaSuite Evaluation kit is available for .

Latest News

22 April 2005: adds word and pattern queries, OAI sets and support for external indexers; e.g. GoogleBot.

17 February 2005: adds OR queries and improved validation.

8 November 2004: provides major tailoring and performance enhancements.

MetaSuite Features:
MetaSuite has been implemented in Java for portability. It has been tested on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, and other Unix platforms. It provides all the components required to support repositories in a single, unified, collaborative and customizable package. MetaSuite has been designed to enhance metadata richness and quality whilst adhering to Dublin Core, the most commonly used international metadata standard. Features include:
  • Stand alone or embedded structure choice: MetaSuite is a suite of components that can be configured as a stand-alone metadata portal or embedded into a larger system.
  • End user customisability: MetaSuite has the distinctive capability of being flexible to the individual needs of different information repositories without requiring source code alterations.
  • Powerful search interface: MetaSuite has a contextually rich search capability with a range of powerful features including, word and phrase searching, stemming, optinoal case sensitivity, compound searches, refinements and pattern matching.
  • High quality search return: MetaSuite records are rated according to how well they match the user's search terms.
  • Rigorous Quality Checking: MetaSuite ensures that data conforms rigidly to both industry and local validation rules.
  • Customisable Workflow: MetaSuite manages the entire metadata creation and publication cycle.
  • Metadata validation: MetaSuite can ensure that all metadata records conform strictly to the relevant metadata schemas. Support for the Dublin-Core, AGLS (AS5044), and ANZLIC schemas is standard.
  • Metadata vetting: MetaSuite supports metadata quality control by means of a vetting workflow for the metadata creation and publication process.
  • Metadata access control: MetaSuite provides a tailorable access control mechanism that determines who can view, modify and vet metadata records.
  • MetaCart: A shopping cart service for locating records of interest.

MetaSuite Evaluation Kit
The MetaSuite evaluation kit includes the OAI compliant HotMeta metadata repository, query engine and associated tools, and the MetaEdit metadata editor.

DSTC's goes live.

Implemented in pure Java™ for portability

  • Requires JavaTM Standard Edition 1.4.x. Sun J2SE 1.4.2 is recommended.
  • Validated on Sun Solaris/SPARC, Windows 2000/XP, and RedHat Linux.
  • HotMeta requires an Oracle, MySQL, or Microsoft SQLServer database backend.
  • HotMeta statistical reporting requires Perl.

Evaluation versions of HotMeta and MetaEdit may be downloaded from the DSTC Demo Download page.

Licensing for all MetaSuite software may be purchased directly from DSTC. Please email for details on pricing.

DSTC offers support contracts for all MetaSuite products. For more information, please contact

Informal support questions and bug reports can be emailed to

Further Information regarding commercial or academic licensing, technical support, pricing, support agreements, training, and consulting, please contact:

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