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David Horton

Phone: +61 7 33788912
Fax: +61 7 33788912
Email: dhorton@iprimus.com.au and David.Horton@member.itpa.org.au
Member of the Australian Computer Society, Information Technology Professionals Australian (formerly System Administrators Guild of Australia)

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Former email addresses: horton@citr.uq.oz.au, horton@citr.uq.edu.au, horton@citr.com.au, horton@citr.com, d.horton@leadup.com.au, david.xh.horton@ericsson.com, David.Horton@asggroup.com.au
Former companies: Lead Up software, CiTR, Centre for Information Technology Research, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Ericsson, ASG

Studied physics at the University of Queensland.
ABN: 40 087 692 667


Married to Kerry Raymond for too long ago to remember. We have two cats,  Sunny and (the late) Cloudy who came from the RSPCA and Mika who just decided to move in with us. In loving memory of Zambezi also from the RSPCA and Greystoke daughter of a stray that adopted my mother as its human pet.

We went on holiday to antarcticia last century. We took 3000 photos of which this is a sample. 

My current hobby is family history, but since mine got too hard, we have started a project of providing genealogy resources on the internet. We are publishing things we have local access to, most notably photos and transcriptions of headstones, that are not easy for people outside of Brisbane to access. There are over 50000 photos from over 250 Brisbane cemeteries and surrounding cities and shires .



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380.6 Enhanced PNNI NMS and agent, and MPOA server and NMS.

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380.4 PNNI and NHRP managemnet and configuration server.

380.3 Next Hop resolution protocol enhancements. (Including mobile NHRP and RFC 2520 - NHRP with Mobile NHCs)

380.2 Next Hop resolution protocol.

380.1 Autodiscovery (OpenView Forum paper)


 One of the outcomes of the work is our OpenView Advisor paper (Nov 95)

These projects are for NEC/Japan. When there we stay at the Shin Yokohama Prince hotel. On a rare exceptionally clear day you can see Fuji-san from the window.
Mt Fuji from Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel


David Horton

R&D Engineer

 Career Highlights

 * SNMP agents and NMS for ATM networks for NEC (Japan and USA)

* Prototype WWW pages for CiTR

* worked with AOTC on development of Fastpac software

* developed object-oriented tools for DME applications

 * innovative technology

 * C (20 years experience)


 * systems integration

 * large databases

 * statistical analysis

 * real-time systems


 From 1993 to present, working on SNMP agents and NMS systems for the management of ATM networks. MIBs are supporting the latest standards as well as proprietary MIBs. The NMS systems are advanced prototypes using concepts not yet on the market.

David's current project is the Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation's Fastpac Network Services project. This project involves implementing a network management system for the AOTC Fastpac 2 Mb/s service. It involves systems integration and network management. David employs object-oriented design techniques in his development of managed objects. These objects include the database management system, the interface to the network application programming interface, and the X Window system. He works in UNIX with C. He has also been developing quality control systems for this project. David is also developing object-oriented tools to aid the OpenView development -- tools such as MIB compilers..

 David also is involved in research into finding applications that will suit a massively-parallel supercomputer (MasPar) that currently has about 80 users throughout Australia. This computer is being used for neural network and database research. David has also run training courses on this technology.

 His previous project at CiTR was the A Series SQL*Star project for the Australian Centre for Unisys Software (ACUS). This project involved porting Oracle products to the Unisys A Series platform to enable A Series systems to participate in SQL*Star networks. On this project David worked with a real-time system and large databases, and developed quality control methods.

Before joining CiTR David was a software specialist for Digital Equipment Corporation in Brisbane and Melbourne, developing custom technical applications for customers. He was involved in tuning large databases, creating real-time applications, and generating quality control and test plans.

 David also worked as a senior research assistant at universities in Melbourne and Brisbane.

 During his time at the universities David did statistical analysis. This was largely spectroscopic. During his time on the ACUS A Series SQL*Star project, he also performed statistical analysis on TCP/IP response time during product development.


BSc (Honours) in Physics, 1980, The University of Queensland.

Graduate Diploma in Computer Science, 1988, Queensland University of Technology.

Member of the Australian Computer Society and a Practising Computer Professional.dhorton@iprimus.com.au i am a total geek