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Recent News
Helping the past talk to the future [no link available]
Catalyst Queensland, Issue 13 March 2005

The safest options / Living Safely
The Age & SMH, 1 March 2005

The Gospel according to the newest testament
The Age & SMH, 1 February 2005

Virtual Coffee Machine Research
The Australian, 25 January 2005

DSTC Annual Student Awards
10 February 2005

A Land of Wasted Web Opportunity
The Age & SMH, 13 December 2004

You Can Lead a Government to XML
CIO Magazine, 3 December 2004

National health e-records body takes shape [news item link removed]
Australian IT, 12 October 2004

Inside our Smartest Buildings
SMH, 15 June 2004

In Interoperability we Trust
CIO Magazine, 9 June 2004

DSTC Develops IT Set To Improve Australia's Health System
CIO Magazine, 11 May 2004

DSTC signs $2.9m e-health records deal
Computerworld, 3 May 2004

Aussie healthcare breathes new life [news item link removed]
IDM, 3 May 2004

The Power of Search [news item link removed]
The Age/SMH, 13 April 2004

New search engine uses old technology
ABC Science Online, 6 April 2004

Succeeding in integration: Web services
Technology & Business Magazine, 5 April 2004

Unix heads for regrowth
Computerworld, 29 March 2004

Sun labels Linux skeptics ‘luddites’
Computerworld, 23 March 2004

Police eye health records system
CIO Magazine, 28 October 2003

Faster, better, with less junk
ABC Science Online, 17 October 2003