History of Queensland

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See also Q150 Brisbane History Pictorial and Narratives - Statehood to Federation

Brisbane Qld from the Statehood to Federation of Queensland. It has many hyperlinks to the State Library Queensland pictorial database as well as articles written at the time by Brisbane residents. Contains panoramas of early Brisbane as well stories of prominent people, reminiscences, newspaper articles, districts, buildings, infrastructure.









Queensland History from Brisbane to Cooktown, Rockhampton, Townsville, Cairns, Charters Towers, Gold Coast, Palmer River, Kingsborough, Hodgkinson, Thornborough, Railways, Gold, Mining, Aboriginals, Wrecks, Explorers, Newspapers, Ghosts, and Mysteries.





A collection of 

accounts and reminiscences

Great Queensland Railway Disasters
The Collins Family
Reminiscences of the Early Days by Victor Drury
W. R. O. Hill's "Forty five years Experiences in North Queensland"
Narcisse Pellatier- Little Lost Wild French Castaway
Memories of the great Palmer River Gold Rush
J. H. Binnie's "Reminiscences of the Palmer River Gold Rush"
Stories of the Palmer River Gold Rush, the Massacre at Cullen la Ringo, gold yarns
The Black Police in Queensland- Part 1- by Edward Kennedy
The Black Police in Queensland- Part 2 - by Edward Kennedy

The Black Police in Queensland- Part 3- by Edward Kennedy

Memoirs of Richard Symes Alford
Paddington Cemetery Introduction
The Paddington Cemetery Part 1
The Paddington Cemetery Part 2
The Paddington Cemetery Part 3
The Paddington Cemetery Part 4
The 1876 Brisbane Street Directory
The First Anzac Day. The Landing at Gallipoli.
Christy Palmerston- adventurer, explorer,man of mystery
Massacre by Moonlight
Bribie Island Moreton, Stradbroke, Ninghi, Toorbul, Pumicestone Passage, Glasshouse Mountains, Caloundra, Moreton Bay- by Thomas Welsby
The Discoverers of the Brisbane River, Climbing the Glasshouse Mountains, Mutiny on the Bounty- by Thomas Welsby
Reminiscences of Sandgate, Spring Hill, Shipwrecks etc
The Stinson Aircraft Crash
Bodgies, Widgies and Rock 'n' Roll

Snippets from the Past- 1956 and 1957

Harry Harbord's Reminiscences of the Palmer River Gold Rush






Reginald Spencer Browne

Chapter One -Introductory – At Townsville 1877
Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 1
Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 2
Doctors, O'Doherty and Eva
Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 3
Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 4
Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 5
Military and Parliamentary Staff
Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 6
Explorers and Public Servants
Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 7
Teachers, officials etc
Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 8
Mining, Railways, Trams, Distinguished Men
Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 9
Theatre, Racing and sportsmen
Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 10
Music affairs, Historic Libel Cases, Humpy Bong, McIlwraith
Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 11
Steels Rails, McIlwraith, RNA Show, Courier Editors, 

Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 12

Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 13
Reginald Spencer Browne Chapter 13









History from the pen of

Archibald Meston

The Old Wild Days, the Nerang and Tweed districts, Early Brisbane, Cairns Herberton Railway, Johnstone River, Dalrymple, Johnstone and Hill

The Genesis of Toowoomba, Helidon Spa, The probable fate of Leichhardt

Tragedies of the Palmer River

Lamington National Park, Bribie Island, Tweed River Tragedies

The Extinct Tasmanians, Wild White Men, Morton Bay, Aboriginal Death Bone.

Peruvian wreck, Vanishing Types, Toowoomba, Pioneers, Mount Lindesay, Gold Coast

Numerous items and published correspondence from the cuttings scrap book first started by Archibald Meston, 

The Mystery of Leichhardt

Where Leichhardt Died

The Fate of Lost Leichhardt

In the Chamber of Horrors, Tales of Old Brisbane Town, Gone Wild, Hodgkinson.

Where the Dead Ships Lie, The Jardines, Dalrymple, Matthew Flinders, Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Emu Park

Wild Men and Wild Scenes, Eighteen Men killed and eaten by Cannibals in New Guinea, Close Calls with Death, Early Cloncurry, Wild White Men, Tropical Seas

Norfolk Island, The Wreck of the Peruvian, The Pearl Tragedy, The Wreck of the Sovereign, The Wreck of the Banshee, The Maria Tragedy

The Terrible Tragedy of the Pearl, Northern Christmas, Cape York Peninsula, John Nairn, The Peruvian Tragedy

Wreck of the Gothenburg, Wreck of the Maria, Bushrangers, Haunted Creek, Dark North Heads

Dead Ships – Sydney Heads, Genesis of Toowoomba, The Townsville Story, Cook's Death, Fred Campbell, The Bunya Terror

Hinchinbrook Island, Wreck off Brunswick Heads, Mount Lindesay, Lost Leichhardt