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REGARDED as the greatest Cricket Carnival ever to be held in North Queensland, this was certainly a grand week-end of cricket, Fourteen teams competed from the following towns :

Ayr (two teams), Hughenden, Ingham (two teams), Townsville, Homestead, Cairns (three), Home Hill, Pentland, Ravenswood and Charters Towers. All cricketers enjoyed themselves and practically every team stated that they would be back again next year if a similar carnival were conducted.
The trophy for the Carnival was a beautiful silver urn donated by the Licensed Victuallers' Association and has been called the North Queensland "Ashes." The standard of cricket was excellent and a fine competitive and sportsman ship spirit existed right throughout the whole week~end.
Credit for the wonderful results achieved go mainly to Mr. Ian Mann, Secretary, and the President, Mr. J. Meeson. The Carnival was won by the Cairns team with Ingham as runners-up.

AYR No.1 Team

L. Hooper (Batt. Aggreg. 100; Highest Score 92), A. Rolls, L. Searle, J. Anderson,
R. Lewis, V. Buckley, D'. Seldon, W. Bowater
(Bowl. Aggreg. 7), R. Cox, W. Dick, G. Swails (Bowl. Aver. 6.1, Highest Score 11th Man 79),
J. Parker (Batt',Aver. 79,. Most Catches 3).


W. Flynn, C. O'Connor, C. Ingram (Batt. Aver. 31). C. Anderson (Bowl. Aggreg. 4), B. Della Bosca, T. Hutton (Batt. Aggreg. 52, Highest Score 41), M. McMurtrie, W. Schultz, A. Jones, D. Gourley (Bowl. Aver. 8), S. Cross (Highest score 11th man 13), White, B. Schultz, G. Gibbs (Catches 3), Jackson.


G. Edgar (Catches 4), L. Martin (Batt. aggreg, 136, batt. av. 68, high. score 104), N. Stevenson, T. West, E. Christie, E. Muhling, H. Hunt, D. Kennedy, A. Odgers (Bowl. ag. 8, bowl av. 8, most wkts. in innings 6), J. Scragg; J. Anderson (High. score 11th man 1), Balanzategue.


J. Potts. B. Robson (Catches 2), G. Eardman, F. Castles (Bowl. agg. 5, bowl. av. 10.8,
most wkts. 111 I11nings 3), W. Sharpe (Highest
score 41), F. Pardon (Highest score 41), R. Eardmanl. N. Cox, J. Eardman, W. Stockman, M.. Quinn (HIghest score 11th mall), Weinheimer.

 AYR    No.2 TEAM

J. Adcock (Batt. agg. 92, batt. av. 46 most
catches 4), J. Rolls, F. Kliensmidt J. Humphrey
J. Insh (Highest score 52), J. Bourke, F. Kelly,
B. .Bowater (Bowl. ag. 7, most wkts. in one I11nings 5), G. Irlam, J. Hughes, D. Jack (High. score 11th man 23), Colquhoun (Bowl. av. 9).


R. Moore, T. Andrews (Catches 4), J. Hinds, F. ChrIstenson, B. Brackley (High. score 11th man 8), J. Ecker, A. Jones (Bowl. av. 4) E., R. Richardson (Bowl. ag. 4, most wkts.
111 innings 3), R. Gartrell (Batt. ag. 111, av. 37, high. score 57), A. Walsh, V. Brackley, N. Christopher.


T. .Lye, J. Wheeler, K. Gartrell (Batt. ag. 101, hIgh. scare 62). H. Foxlee (Batt. av. 48
most wkts. in innings 7, bowl. ag. 17) L:
Boundy, C. Hooper, A. Shamrock (Bowl: av. 3), C. Hammond, K. Sellars (Catches 3), H. Buckby, L. Edwards, A. Martin.


.B. J. Cockfield, A. Tregea, A. Koch, G. GrIgg, A. .Ford, V. Grigg (Batt. ag. 125, batt. av. 31.2. hIgh. score 100, most wkts. in innings 4 bowl.. av. 17), A. Sorohan, R. Grigg, D. Sorohan (High. score 11th mall), E. Sorohan (Bowl. ag. 6), E. Harrison.


A. Hin.sch (Bowl. av. 9.6), F. Skinner (Batt. av. 64, hIgh. score 100, batt. ag. 129, catches 2), W. Allendorf, M. Kelly, J. Brophy (Bowl. agg. 6, most wkts. in innings 4), D. Pelling (Catches 2), G. Peterson, W. Magrath, J. Gear, A. North (High. score 11th man 1), G. Smith.


A. McLeod, J. Covell, A. Bosworth (Bowl. agg. 6, wkts. in innings 4), N. Williams (Catches 3), T. O'Callaghan, V. Vitale (Bowl. av. 6, high. score 11th man 26), W. Benyon, Bell, B. .Milne, G. Skinner (Batt. agg. 55, batt. av. 55, hIgh. score 58, catches 3), B. Anderson, N. Hunt, Kennedy,

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