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enough to assure ourselves of a fish or two for breakfast.

Early next morning Barney, Frank and Keith left camp and visited a swamp about twenty miles back into the bush, and returned home that afternoon with a beautiful bag-a couple of turkeys, about thirty nice ducks and half a dozen pigeons. These were packed in the ice which I might add did not leave too much room for the liquid refreshments, and this game, together with the fish we caught, provided us with some beautiful menus for the remainder of the week. Barney was the Chief Cook and I his second in charge and between us we did a fairly good job.

Every day, just at dusk, the sky would become thick with a flight of flying foxes which gave us plenty of sport.

This story may seem incredible, but it is absolutely true. One night Dinty Stanger picked up Barney's automatic shotgun and fired three rounds at the foxes missing every shot; naturally this called for a round of abuse and many insulting remarks were passed about Dinty's markmanship, Now this is the joke of the day. Dinty picked up a small .22 pearifle and taking' aim brought a flying fox down the very first shot. Of course, anyone can fluke a shot now and again, but Dinty took aim again and this time another fox bit the dust. Now any ordinary person would have been satisfied and stood on his merit)-, but no, not our Frank. He was shooting in rare form and actually shot the third fox on the wing with the pearifle. and brother that's shooting.


("The Eagle" 27th Mar, 1899.)

At 11 a.m. last Sunday, a meeting of the committee of the Honorable Guild of Spielers and Crooks was held in Lisner Park. to consider the plan of campaign and discuss general business.

There were about 20 delegates present, and the Past Grand Crook, Big Murphy, took the chair. On the motion of Bro. Crook Slim Jim, alias the Sneak, the Press was excluded from the proceedings.
Our reporter, after being thrown over the park railing's by the Hon. M.C., gathered himself together, and from an adjacent summerhouse watched proceedings.

It was moved by Bro. Crook Oily James and seconded by Mr. Ikey Sharp, delegate from the Ancient Order of the Fence, that the hotels be gone through according to schedule; and the dates and fixtures were accordingly arranged.

The Chairman drew attention to the trifling size of the haul made on last Friday morning, and a vote of censure on Mr. Waller was unanimously passed, the secretary being instructed to forward the same at the earliest opportunity to the gentleman in question.

Bill the Boozer, alias Slippery, alias the Dook, as a delegate from the Independent Society of Crib Crackers complained of the treatment he had received at the hands of the police while he was off duty and on pleasure bent. It was decided to send a special deputation to the Court House (at 2 a.m.) to recover. the fine from the C.P.S' safe and impose a countervailing duty on that establishment.

A lengthy discussion then arose, at the end of which an amicable (comparatively speaking) arrangement was arrived at relating to the distribution of districts at the Queen's Birthday Races.

Under the head of general business it was mentioned, that owing to bad times the profession of turning over sleepers had become quite unprofitable, Stringent rules were advocated, to keep the number of unemployed from overrunning other branches of the trade, and as the Dook declared at that point his emphatic intention to "do in" for the push, proceedings terminated with a vote of thanks to the chair, and our reporter made his way cautiously homeward and had a drink at the Imperial with the head of the local detective ,department, who was laying in wait for a small boy with a penny squirt.

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