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Can I have a copy of a headstone photo?

Let us be clear about one thing. The copyright of our photos of headstones and war memorials belongs to us (David Horton and Kerry Raymond). However, we give permission for people to download individual photos relating to their personal research to use for non-profit purposes (which includes displaying it on your personal WWW site or in a book that you might write about your family history). If you republish any of our photos (e.g. on a WWW site or in a book), we would appreciate an acknowledgment that the photo came from our WWW site. Copying large collections of our photos (i.e. more than just what you need for your personal research) or using our photos for profit-making purposes is not permitted, but please contact us to discuss the matter further.
An example copyright acknowledgment is
Copyright 2006, Kerry Raymond and David Horton.

Are they complete?

We try to photograph all the memorials at a site, however if they are locked away out of sight, then we don't photograph them. If the headstone is face down on the ground, we don't move it. If it is hard to read, we don't apply any chemicals to make it more readable for fear of causing damage. However if you are aware of any such omissions, please contact us, and we will correct the completeness statement until we can re-visit.

Why are there no photos?

The "photos" page will include thumbnails of all the photos, so may be slow to load where there are a lot of photos. If the link seems slow, you may prefer to load just an index. The "cemetery" order is smaller than the "alphabetical" order.
The number of photos is given in parenthesis.

How do I see the photo in full detail?

We have the photos in three different resolutions.

How do I download a photo?

First, check above to see if it is OK with us to copy the photo. Technically, downloading a photo is basically a matter of viewing the photo at the desired size (we would suggest the largest image size, see above). Then use the command in your WWW browser to download the image. E.g. if you are using Internet Explorer, you right-click on the image in the desired size, then select the "Save Picture As" option. (In Mozilla or Firefox, the "Save Image as" option).

What is Cemetery order?

We try to photograph the cemeteries in a systematic way. Usually we take a photo of entrance or church and the cemetery as a whole. Where there are rows (or clusters), we take a shot of the row, then the memorials in that row as we walk along.
The cemetery index order is the same as the photo order. Hopefully this will identify families who are buried alongside one another.

What is your alphabetical order?

Each entry is indexed multiple times using all the names found on the headstone. So, the surnames and given names are all there in alphabetical
order (plus other random words, because it is machine indexed from the photo captions). If you take a look at the smallest of our cemeteries, Bunya which has 1 readable headstone for Thomas Broad:

you will see that the entry for his headstone appears twice in the list, once indexed by Broad and one by Thomas.

We choose to construct the index in this way for a few reasons:
So, having all names indexed gives greater flexibility in finding someone, but has the downside of increasing the size of the WWW page.

My searches return too many matches.

Please see the search tips page.

Why is it so slow?

Why is it so slow when I have broadband, you ask? Well we are not a commercial site, and our uplink speed is not very fast. So our server can't push out the bits onto the internet as fast as you can receive it.

Can we get the photos on CD?

We will make a CD of any of our listed cemeteries for which we have copyright for AU$20 per cemetery. This price includes shipping within Australia. The fair use conditions will apply to the CDs too. For orders, international delivery or if you have any questions, contact us.

What is a Headstone

We use the term headstone interchangeably with gravestone and tombstone. (See Headstone Photo and inscriptions collection)

That is my relative, what if someone wants to contact me?

If a photo is of one of your relatives, and you would like to include some contact details for other researchers who come across it to be able to get in touch with you, then we can add those to the inscription. Please email us  with

I have photographed a cemetery, will you include it in the collection?

Please see "donating photo collections" for what to do.

What is GoogleEarth link

GoogleEarth is a service providing a satellite view of a location. Cemeteries show up quite characteristically. Once you see the location, zoom out to see surrounding township etc. To view requires the GoogleEarth application to be downloaded from The 'GoogleEarth.kmz' file is a zip format file containing the lattitude, longitude and name details in XML format.

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