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DSTC Top-up Scholarship Program
Due to the completion of the DSTC-operated CRC EDST the top-up Scholarship Program will not be taking on any more students.

Scholarship Requirements
Publication of books, papers, theses etc is an important part of DSTC's activities and is to be encouraged.

In order to protect intellectual property and various requirements for confidentiality, any person engaged in DSTC activities who wishes to publish material must follow DSTC's policy and procedures for reports, publications and presentations.

Intellectual Property
What does intellectual property include?
  • patentable and non-patentable inventions;
  • designs trade marks;
  • copyright;
  • confidential information (including trade secrets, know-how and arrangements for commercial development)

For further information or clarification on intellectual property and the DSTC, contact the .

Publication Policy
Ensure all DSTC papers indicate involvement with the DSTC. The suggested way to do this is to set out your paper like this: Title, Author, CRC for Enterprise Distributed Systems Technology, and Institutional Address.

At the foot of the page: "The work reported in this paper has been funded in part by the Co-operative Research Centre Programme through the Australian Government's Department of Education, Science and Training". Also complete a Publication Approval Request form (available via the Education Pages of DSTC's website), attach it to your paper and send to the Executive Assistant, at DSTC Headquarters. The Research Director will then review the paper and inform you of the outcome of the review within two weeks.

The details of your paper will be entered in the Publications Register. We are required to report all publication details to the CRC Secretariat.

Scholarship Lifecycle
Expiration of the Scholarship Top-up
The scholarship top-up will expire when the candidate's thesis is accepted for submission to the examiners; or on expiry of the period for which the scholarship was awarded, which ever is the sooner.

Termination of the Scholarship Top-up
A scholarship top-up will terminate if the scholar discontinues the full-time research programme for which the scholarship was awarded; or voluntarily relinquishes the award.

Income Tax
Research scholars may be eligible for exemption from Australian income tax. Each scholar who seeks exemption is required to make personal application to the Australian Taxation Office. The supervisory university can supply a copy of the Income Tax Exemption form.

The value of this award may be assessable for Centrelink and/or income tax purposes. You are advised to contact Centrelink and/or the Australian Tax Office, as appropriate, for further information.