Before the white invasion, the area was called Tablabuba or Tabooba which meant bitter water in the language of the Yaggapols who lived there. German settlers in the 1860s called it Gramzow after a town in Germany, but this was changed during the First World War when anything German was suspect to Carbrook, the name of a town in South Yorkshire. The local residents were presented by the postal authorities with a short list of names to choose from and this is the name they selected. 


Carina homestead was named by Ebenezer Thorne after his only child, Kate Carina Thorne, and thence it passed on to become the name of the suburb. Thorne was a journalist and author of the book, Queen of the Colonies, published 1876.


Carindale was developed in 1982 from the earlier Carina, used since the 1880s 


The short-lived Manchester Cotton Company selected land in this area the main feature of which was its swamp which covered a long, treeless plain. The name is from an Aboriginal dialect meaning long. The first Carrara post office was opened in 1902.


For an illiterate labourer, migrating at the age of 38 from Huntingdonshire, England, William Carseldine made a very significant impact on the history of Queensland. Over nine hundred descendants were accounted for at the family reunion in 1958.

In England the family name is spelt Castledine. It is said that when William went to register his claim for land at Bald Hills he was asked how he spelt his name. Not knowing how to reply he turned to his young son, Jonathan, and asked him how to spell it, and it was the lad who gave the spelling as Carseldine. 

Cecil Plains                                                                                                            

Cecil Plains grazing run was named by Henry Stuart Russell and his brother Sydenham after their mother, Cecil Charlotte nee Pemberton.   

Cedar Creek

Considering the value placed on the red cedar trees growing in the rainforests in the early days of settlement its not surprising that more than one place today is known as Cedar Creek. 

Chambers Island                                                                                                      

Charles and Thomas Chambers (brothers) were early timber-getters in the Buderim and Yandina districts. 

Chances Plain

A little girl was lost and the searchers kept looking for her in the chance that she could be found in this area about 8 kilometres from Chinchilla.


John Beale Chandler was born at Bunwell, Norfolk, England, 21 February, 1887. He migrated at the age of twenty and went into business as an electrician and electrical goods retailer. He was successful in business as the string of Chandler stores still testifies, but he also started Brisbane�s first commercial radio station.

He went into both local government and state politics. He was Lord Mayor of Brisbane 1940-1952, and leader of the Queensland People�s Party (which later became the Queensland Liberal Party) 1943-1946. He died 1962.

Chapel Hill                                                                                                               

The name for this suburb draws attention to the existence of the people called Methodists. Back in 1873 one of the Methodist Churches which later united to form the Methodist Church of Australasia, the Primitive Methodist Church, bought land and in the next year built a chapel on the hill in such a prominent position that it became a landmark for people travelling out along Moggill Road. The area gained its name from this chapel on the hill. 

Charleys Creek

The creek was named by Leichhardt (1844) after the leading Aborigine in his expedition. It's Aboriginal name was Docabura.


This locality on the Darling Downs was named after a local settler.


The name seems to be derived from Chelmer River in Essex, the stream on which Chelmsford was built. It was the name given to the railway station when the railway line opened in the 1880s.   


This French name came about by accident. Richard Jones, the second owner of Barambah holding, wrote to the Government in Sydney suggesting Cherbury as the name for this block, this being where his family came from in England. But his handwriting was not clear, and some official read it as Cherburg. Then someone else thought to correct what he took to be a misspelling of the name of the French seaport and wrote Cherbourg. So Cherbourg it became. Richard Jones, who had Sydney business interests as well as pastoral interests, became the first member of parliament for Moreton Bay in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly.   

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