Sam Henderson

This is a book about setting up a self managed superannuation fund in Australia. The book references , but this redirects to . Specifically *

  1. salary sacrifice to reduce income tax and boost your super
  2. co-contributions
  3. small business CGT exemptions  - pay no CGT on the sale of your business (but you need  a business)
  4. use a transition to retirement income stream to reduce tax and increase super (but you need post tax contribution component to draw down on. The amount you take out as pension you salary sacrifice the amount pre-tax that you would to achieve that post-tax)
  5. account based pensions - a no-tax investment environment
  6. re-contribution strategy to reduce tax for under-60s and the death tax
  7. reduce your capital gains tax and maximise your super
  8. super splitting to even up a couple's super balances and reduce tax
  9. borrowing to buy property in your super fund
  10. borrow to buy shares in your SMSF and use your dividends to pay off the debt