20 Must Ask Questions for Every Property Investor by Margaret Lomas

I borrowed it from my local library – it covers the how to of finding an area to invest in and then the specifics of individual property. More work than throwing $10,000 at someone else to find a property for you though.

1. What it the cashflow of the property?.
2. What is the vacancy rate of the area?.
3. What improvements are being planned for the area?.
4. What is the population growth?.
5. What is the competition?.
6. Is the property tenant friendly?.
7. What condition is the property in?.
8. Does it have furniture?.
9. Is there a body coporate?.
10. Is there a rental guarantee?.
11. What is the current property management arrangement?.
12. Is there a leaseback?.

13. In the case of a new or off the plan property, who are the developers?.
This particularly in relation to companies like the ones you're looking at.

14. Is there a dual purpose if this is a niche market ( purpose built ) property?.
15. What is the land availability in the area?.
16. what is the proximity of the area to a large city?.
17. What is the age of the property?.
18. Is the property at market value?.
19. Is the town you are considering based on just one industry?.
20. Are you being commercial in your approach?