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The development of highly scalable and high performance online applications is one of Lead Up Software's core competencies. This domain involves provision of a company's services via channels such as Web (Internet/Intranet), WAP, SMS etc. A typical online system will require integration to the company's legacy systems and a business logic layer in addition to a presentation layer.

We have delivered online applications designed to scale to millions of users for customers in both Australia and the United States. A key technology strategy used to deliver these systems is the use of application server environments. We have extensive experience with commercial application server products including IBM WebSphere, Sun One, BEA WebLogic, and Borland AppServer.

Solutions developed and deployed include online access to billing information, online ordering of complex telecomunications products (including bundling), and business support systems for qualification of service availability.

Our architectures and designs are based on use of industry standards (such as J2EE standards).

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