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Lead Up Software works with its customers to assist in the definition of IT strategies and requirements. Lead Up Software has a reputation for being a technology leader, offering expert advice on the application of technologies to solve business problems.

Possessing technology vision has been an important factor in Lead Up Software's success and is one reason why a number of multi-national software vendors have selected Lead Up Software to design and build their future products.

An important point to note is that Lead Up Software does not require to own the Intellectual Property associated with a project and this can pass directly to the customer.

In addition, because Lead Up Software is an independent software integration specialist it is not biased to any product vendor solutions. This gives customers the best independant advice in defining solutions.

Requirements Analysis

Lead Up Software provides expertise to thoroughly analyse and define the requirements for a new system. All stakeholders are interviewed in depth to understand the different perspective of each user and participant. The resulting documentation clearly describes what is required and, often just as important, what is out of scope in the project. The customer signs off requirements before the next stage of the project commences.

Network and Network Management Audit

Lead Up Software has conducted many audits of customer's networks and network management systems. The objective being to establish the issues existing in the network and systems, such as bottlenecks, functional disparities, user issues etc. both from a technical and a management perspective.

Proof Of Concept

Lead Up Software works closely with customers and will often develop a system to allow a proof of concept early in the development cycle. This provides a view on the final "look and feel" of systems before launching into full software development, thus reducing any development risks.

Solutions Architecture Definition

It is important to establish the system architecture early in the development life cycle of a project and to ensure that the solution will meet the customer's requirement. Lead Up Software can define the mix of products and custom-developed software to meet the customer's business requirements. Lead Up Software specialises in the architecture of systems that are designed to work in large, geographically dispersed environments and integrated with a wide range of existing disparate systems.

Software Development

Fixed-price software development is Lead Up Software's speciality. Lead Up Software's strong project management culture, application of quality assurance processes, and appropriate development lifecycles has resulted in projects that meet the requirements and are completed on time and within budget. Also important is Lead Up Software's use of tools that significantly reduce development time and produce more reliable results.

Lead Up Software's project management methodologies are specifically targeted at geographically distributed projects, and the work it has undertaken has been for clients in all regions of the world. The company has worked with customers across North America, East Asia, Europe, and Australia. IEEE's software engineering standards and guidelines underpin Lead Up Software's methodologies and development practices. Based on this internationally accepted foundation, Lead Up Software continues to evolve a flexible set of methods and practices for delivering timely and effective technology solutions.

Lead Up Software's quality management system is certified to ISO 9001; this, coupled with Lead Up Software's quality culture, fosters a best practice approach to delivering timely, effective solutions.

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