POSIX standards

Object_Id               : 76
Title                   : POSIX standards
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : paper
Address                 : library, or NC380 project team bookshelves
Keywords                : 
Abstract                : The Portable Operating System Interface
                          C API
                          Shell and utilities
                          Realtime extensions
Date_Entry_Created      : 08/10/96
Entry_Created_By        : horton
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Contact_Person          : David Horton, Pippa Shaw, Rob Coote
IP_or_Copyright_Owner   : IEEE (or X/Open) or ISO
Support_re_Ownership    : It was originally a series of IEEE documents. But
                          Then there was some cross adoption by X/Open.
                          Eventually the documents came from Stansards Australia, who sourced them from ISO.
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Projects_Used_In        : NC380
Obtained_From           : Standards Australia
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Document_Type           : Overview
Additional_Info         : I also have a book on using the real-time extensions "POSIX.4" on my bookshelf (personal copy).
                          A similar book on the straight POSIX.1 exists on someone else's personal bookshelf.