Introduction to SNMP the Simple Network Management Protocol

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Title                   : Introduction to SNMP the Simple Network Management Protocol
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Keywords                : SNMP
Abstract                : This document provides an excellent introduction to SNMP.
                          It covers the general modes of usage get, set, get-next
                          and their interactions with MIB variables and tables. This
                          includes the various object identifier conventions used for
                          variable and table accessing.
Date_Entry_Created      : 02/10/96
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Other_Opinions          : If you don't know SNMP and are going to work on
                          a project involving SNMP this document is a good
                          starting place. For more detail see the Simple 
                          Book by Rose or SNMP, SNMP V2 and CMIP by 
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Document_Type           : tutorial
Additional_Info         : See also:
                          The Simple Book by Marshall Rose (there are copies floating
                          around CiTR - should be one in the library)
                          SNMP, SNMP V2 and CMIP by ... Stallings