Reliable Software Technologies Corporation

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Abstract                : From their home page:
                          Our business is helping software development organizations 
                          establish world class reputations for software quality 
                          through improved practices in software assurance. 
                          RST accomplishes this by inventing and 
                          applying proven 
                          software assurance methods and tools in testing, 
                          reliability, safety, and security of mission and enterprise 
                          critical applications, throughout the development lifecycle.
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Additional_Info         : Two white papers that are available:
                          >RELIABLE SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES
                          >has placed two technical reports in its public ftp site for
                          >(1)  "Gluing Together Software Components:  How Good is Your Glue?"

                          >This report looks at the role that software fault-injection can play
                          >is measuring the tolerance of software systems composed from
                          >COTS-components to anomalous events.  These anomalous
                          >events can originate from software component failures,
                          >hardware failures, and human-factor errors.
                          >(2)   "Making the Untestable Testable"

                          >This report looks at several 
                          interesting phenomenon associated
                          >with software assertions and what they provide to software testing.
                          >Also, several hypotheses are laid forth concerning the benefit of
                          >assertions when test cases change.