WML version of repository

Object_Id               : 275
Title                   : WML version of repository
Format                  : code and service
Address                 : /home/horton/rds/bin/WAP/*.pl /home/horton/rds/samples/LESS/repository.wml
Keywords                : 
Abstract                : The reuse repository database has a retrieval only interface available through a WAP phone. The difference to the HTML version is
+ limited page size means browsing mode needs to be broken up into another level. 
  Searches are probably also affected, but that hasn't been a problem to date.
+ The repository database is actually stored as HTML. This typically can't be portrayed
on WML, or worse breaks the content syntax. So HTML is stripped.
+ On the current server (mango) the delivery is very slow, both the page generation
   and the subsequent data transfer.
+ presentation is really too volumonous for WAP phones, but PDAs may be OK. 
  We probably still break max message sizes.
Date_Entry_Last_Modified: $Date: 2000/10/04 03:53:25 $
Entry_Last_Modified_By  : $Author: horton $
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Contact_Person          : David Horton
IP_or_Copyright_Owner   : CiTR
Support_re_Ownership    : written wholly in-house
Date_Item_Created       : 2-Oct-2000
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Authors_and_Contributors: David Horton
Projects_Used_In        : _R522
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Code_Type               : suite
Programming_Language    : perl
Portations              : Ultrix
Dependencies            : needs a HTTPD (NCSA is sufficient) with mime types set.
Source_Location         : /home/horton/rds
Binaries_Location       : http://mango/LESS/repository.wml
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