Converting SNMP SMIv2 to SMIv1

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Title                   : Converting SNMP SMIv2 to SMIv1
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                      has an SMNP parser. One of the
tools, smidump, has the ability to read SMIv2 and output SMIv1.

If you are compiling from the sources, add ' #define VERSION "0.2" '
to lib/smi.h

It is very fragile, but does appear to do much of the job.
There are 2 config file ~/.smirc and ~/.bashrc which set up a path to
the MIB directories. 
In the /home/dhorton/libsmi-0.2/mibs/site directory, I intended to
put the CAC, CiTR and ATM Forum MIBs. There is also an IETF where
precompiled MIBs have been put.

[dhorton@Breitling site]$  smidump -fSMIv1 ATMF-CES            
/home/dhorton/libsmi-0.2/mibs/site/ATMF-CES:925: parse error
-- This SMIv1 module has been generated by smidump 0.2. Do not edit.


        FROM IF-MIB

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