OID References from the top node

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OID assignments from the top node
This document lists the first level of OIDs. The data are taken from Recommendation X.208 (English). 
Most of the links are automatically maintained using Perl scripts; the automatic list of links from this document starts here. 

ISO's agency list lists ANSI as the registration authority for ISO 8824:1990, which is the ISO way of saying "X.208". 

For more general OID information, see the OID information Web page. 

Top level OID assignments
The following is defined in X.208: 
0 - ITU-T assigned 
1 - ISO assigned 
2 - Joint ISO/ITU-T assignment 
Other interesting OIDs
OIDs that are commonly looked for include: - the Internet OID 
1.2.840 - one of 2 US country OIDs - IANA-assigned company OIDs, used for private MIBs and such things 
Automatically maintained links
Subsidiary references (single level)
0 - ITU-T assigned OIDs (35 more) 
1 - ISO assigned OIDs (2202 more) 
2 - ISO/ITU-T jointly assigned OIDs (1172 more)