tkdiff - Simple TCL/TK Interface to diff

Object_Id               : 261
Title                   : tkdiff - Simple TCL/TK Interface to diff
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Keywords                :diff, tcl , tk 
Abstract                :This is a simple TCL/TK interface on front of diff. I have
 modified it to use GNU diff since /usr/bin/diff is broken. When used with /usr/bin/diff
 this program is an excellent stress tester. It then uses plenty of CPU, and memory and
 never seems to termination when the input files are larger than 3 meg. This program
 will diff files that dxdiff refuses too on Mango. 
Date_Entry_Created      : 14/10/98
Entry_Created_By        : foster
Date_Entry_Last_Modified: $Date: 1998/11/20 09:38:27 $
Entry_Last_Modified_By  : $Author: repository $
Asset_Qualification     : Code known to work most of the time...
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Support_re_Usage_Condns :None known.... just don't use /usr/bin/diff 
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Code_Type               : script language
Programming_Language    : tcl/tk 8.0 or greater
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Source_Location         : /home/foster/bin/tkdiff
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Additional_Info         : Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include /projects/r+d/tools/bin