Understanding X.500

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Title                   : Understanding X.500
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Address                 :  http://www.salford.ac.uk/its024/X500.htm
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Abstract                : This is an on-line version of the book by David Chadwick.
                          Here is the coverage, from the blurb on the web page:
                          -  Fully up-to-date with all features of 1993 edition of X.500 standard. 
                          -  Clearly describes all X.500 terminology such as DSA, DUA, DIT. 
                          -  Explains X.500 security features such as asymmetric encryption and access controls. 
                          -  Describes use of X.500 by other applications such as EDI and X.400. 
                          Note: See below for other X.500 resources.
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Other_Opinions          : From the mailing lists I am on, I have good vibes about the book & the
                          knowledgeability of the author
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