Reusable X selection dialog implementation

Object_Id               : 242
Title                   : Reusable X selection dialog implementation
Node_Type               : Production
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Address                 :  file:/projects/necatm/380/src/pnni
Keywords                : Motif
Abstract                : This mail reports a reusable X selection dialog implementation.
                          Selection in X involves passing an array of pointers to strings,
                          and a selected string is returned. This implementation cuts out
                          various refinements, such as allowing the user to edit the
                          selected string. To select the user can double click or click
                          and hit OK. To cancel the user can hit Cancel or the close button.
                          Hitting OK with no selection is ignored. There are 2 versions,
                          xSelectStr returns the selected string, xSelectInt returns its
                          The files involved are in ${PROJECT}/src/pnni/. They are as follows:
                          The selection itself:
                          X initialization:
                          Execution tracing:
                          x/Makefile compiles into ${PROJECT}/lib/libpnnix.a
Date_Entry_Created      : 20/11/97
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