External Support Operations and Manager Guides

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Title                   : External Support Operations and Manager Guides
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Format                  : HTML
Address                 :  http://web/projects/support/External/5.Operational/general_info/top.html
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                          response time
Abstract                : This is the access point for sets of pages about/for the
                          External Support group and its projects.
                          It contains (or will contain):
                          o  summaries of the external support work
                          o  lists of charge codes (by customer and by work type)
                          o  then, by customer:
                             -  operational info. such as CiTR personnel involved
                                   and customer contacts
                             -  an operational summary of the contract
                             -  any other information required to perform the support work
                             -  information for the manager of the support work.  
                          NOTE: The directory  http://web/projects/support/External/4.Internal

                          contains various internal-use documents, specifically:
                          -  "meeting_form_with_status" which is a Word document I update
                             roughly weekly with discussion points/status of support 
                             contracts & prospects, for use in support review meetings.
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Date_Item_Created       : set of docs. started about May 1997
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Authors_and_Contributors: Jane Clark
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                          [more to come I hope]
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