Public Holidays in 1998 (Brisbane / Queensland)

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Title                   : Public Holidays in 1998 (Brisbane / Queensland)
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Abstract                : Below are the PUBLIC HOLIDAYS announced for Queensland for 1998:-
                          New Year's Day          1st January (Thursday)
                          Australia Day           26th January (Monday)
                          Good Friday             10th April (Friday)
                          Easter Monday           13th 
                          April (Monday)
                          Anzac Day               25th April (Saturday - and no extra day will be given)
                          Labour Day              4th May (Monday)
                          Queen's Birthday        8th June (Monday)
                          RNA Show Holiday        12th August (Wednesday - in 
                          Brisbane area only)
                          Christmas Day           25th December (Friday)
                          Boxing Day              26th December (Saturday) - a few years ago when Boxing
                                                  Day fell on a Saturday, a few Unions approached the
                                                  Minister to declare a holiday on the Monday and this was
                                                  granted, but so far Boxing Day is Saturday 26th Dec.
                          (My source is Department of Training and Industrial Relations - phone no.
                          3225 2069) (Queensland Government Department.)
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