Northern Colorado Travel Guide - from the CiTR HP707 team

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Title                   : Northern Colorado Travel Guide - from the CiTR HP707 team
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                          Fort Collins
                          Denver DIA
                          Los Angeles  LAX
                          shop shopping
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                          passport visa
Abstract                : This travel guide has been prepared to assist staff making a business 
                          trip to Northern Colorado.
                          This region contains the CiTR Inc. office in Boulder, as well as the location of one of CiTR's
                          major customers, HP in Fort Collins. 
                          The guide contains the distilled experience of Synergy project 
                          team members (and their partners) about Northern Colorado. 
                          It contains information relevant for both short-term visitors and for
                          people living there for extended periods. 
                          It covers the ambience of the locations, how to drive there from Denver 
                          International Airport (DIA), some recommended restaurants and shops.
                          There are also tips from Andrew Baker in the inimitable AB style.
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Authors_and_Contributors: Peter Craig
                          Jan Craig
                          Andrew Baker
                          and Synergy team
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