International Dialling Codes

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Title                   : International Dialling Codes
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Abstract                : This web page gives a table of international dialling codes for
                          all countries. It lists: 
                          o  Country Codes and 
                          o  IDD (International Direct Dialing) prefixes. 
                          (e.g. if you are in the US & wish to dial Australia:
                            - the country code for Australia is 61. 
                            - the prefix to dial first to get an international line is 011.
                          if you are in Australia & wish to dial the US:
                            - the country code for the US is 1. 
                            - the prefix to dial first to get an international line is 0011.)
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Related_Items           : The International Dialling Codes page gives a table for
                          listing all countries. 
                          You can also get dialling codes (for a specific
                          pair of locations, by entering a specific TO and 
                          FROM country & state) from the "World Time & Dialling
                          Codes" service of the White Pages:
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