CiTR logo

Object_Id               : 198
Title                   : CiTR logo
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : GIF
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Abstract                : There are various files floating around containing the CiTR logo
                          in a form that might be suitable for your requirements.
                          Here are some gif files with the CiTR logo (e.g. to include in
                          a web page):
                          o  small, with "CiTR":  

                          o  medium, with "CiTR":  

                          o  large, without "CiTR" (for a background?): 

                          The following is a FrameMaker file containing the CiTR logo in various
                          sizes to copy and paste. Find it on citr@citron & open with Frame):
                                     FrameMaker templates
                          For Unix Frame users, there is a file called:
                          which is probably the same. You should be able to find this by
                          going "New File" in Unix Frame.
                          There are probably Word versions around, but I haven't come across
                          any in the usual places. Look at the templates in, e.g., 

                          and you might find something to copy & paste. (A FrameMaker
                          one _might_ paste into your Word document.)
Date_Entry_Created      : 06/03/97
Entry_Created_By        : jane
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Asset_Qualification     : useful / does the job
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Contact_Person          : Try Andrew Baker
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Additional_Info         : Do you know what the logo represents?
                          We once had a VSLI design capability and so the logo
                          represents a chip on a diskette.