Introduction to HTML

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Title                   : Introduction to HTML
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Format                  : HTML
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Abstract                : This HTML document collection explains how to use the different HTML document description
                          elements, or tags and how to use these elements to write good, well designed HTML documents.
                          It includes examples so you see what various things look like on
                          your browser.
                          The top level table of contents is:
                          1. Introduction to the Collection
                          2. Introduction to HTML
                          3. HEAD of an HTML Document
                          4. BODY of an HTML Document
                          5. Miscellaneous
                          6. Stepping up to HTML 3?
                          7. Netscape & Microsoft Extensions
                          8. Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
                          9. Interaction with Server
                          10.Bibliography and References
                          There are other resources available from the site:
                          - CGI Info, HTTP Info, SGML Info, HTML Editors/tools, the
                          Official Docs, Working Groups.
Date_Entry_Created      : 05/03/97
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Other_Opinions          : I have printed out most of it & refer to it often,
                          even when using Internet Assistant for Word which
                          does some of it automatically.
                          It is both a tutorial and a reference. 
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Authors_and_Contributors: Ian Graham of the University of Toronto.
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