Staff Directory Entries

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Abstract                : For the CiTR Staff Directory, this procedure describes:
                            - how to add your own home page
                            - how to specify a link to your external home page
Date_Entry_Created      : 19/02/97
Entry_Created_By        : Mike Husband
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Date_Item_Created       : Jan 1997
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Additional_Info         : INTRODUCTION
                          The CiTR Staff Directory used to be created automatically
                          using a CGI script.  It used to be possible to add your
                          own home page, photo, external reference, and CV.

                          The mechanism has changed recently, and it is hoped
                          that links to personal pages will soon be restored.
                          Your own home page should be called index.html
                          and should be located in directory $HOME/public_html.

                          If you want to point to an external page, create
                          a local page in $HOME/public_html and provide a link.