CiTR Remote Access Service - how to set up your Mac or PC and how to use

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Title                   : CiTR Remote Access Service - how to set up your Mac or PC and how to use
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Address                 :  http://web/sysadmin/services/RemoteAccess/RemoteAccess.html
Keywords                : overseas
                          dial in
Abstract                : The CiTR Remote Access Service offers the following features:
                            * dial-in facilities (for travellers only)
                            * dial-back connections (standard connection method)
                            * SLIP, Telnet and PPP
                            * server allocated (dial-up) IP addresses
                            * 33.6 Kbaud modems
                            * connection speeds of up to 115 kbs
                          Note that this service *does not* support ARA or Appletalk, nor does
                          it support fixed IP addresses.
                          Instructions for configuring and using the service are available
                          by clicking the Title above.  This area should give you all 
                          you require to setup and utilise the service yourself.  
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Related_Items           : Compuserve access:
Context_or_When_To_Use  : Use when you wish to dial in to CiTR.
                          The instructions also cover accessing Compuserve
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