rds - Procedures and scripts for publishing project documentation

Object_Id               : 174
Title                   : rds - Procedures and scripts for publishing project documentation
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : text
Address                 : /home/horton/man/man8/rds.8
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Abstract                : A series of tools developed during the resource discovery prototype project. 
                                rds_add_title_to_html.sh simply adds the filename a title to specified
                                rds_derive_project.sh is a script to extract information from Frame
                                documentation for a project into HTML and postscript forms.  The
                                script recursively searches (from the doc directory assumed to be
                                current directory) for framemaker book files and doc files.  if a
                                directory contains a book file, it is assumed that all relevant
                                documentation is in there. If not, all the (At present unix 'file'
                                command isn't configured to understand framemaker files, so extensions
                                are used).
                                rds_html_tree.sh builds a series of cross referencing files called
                                RDS_TOC.html which report the documentation files in the directory
                                rds_publish.sh inserts the named file into the CiTR Tech-reports web
                                directory and WAIS indexes it for fast searching.
                                rds_rfc.sh rebuilds the RFC.html index file in /usr/share/citr/rfc by
                                pulling out titles and numbers. (See also
                                index which is a weekly fetched copy).
                                rds_wais_index.sh builds wais indices for a project "ROJECT.
                                rds_xrefs.pl finds all cross references, and sees if we may have that
                                file cached locally.  Assumes ~/tmp/html contains a list of all html
Date_Entry_Created      : 20/01/97
Entry_Created_By        : horton
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Other_Opinions          : presumably bad since noone used it!
Contact_Person          : horton
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Support_re_Ownership    : Developed as part of in-house demonstrator.
Date_Item_Created       : 10/06/94
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Authors_and_Contributors: David Horton
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Code_Type               : tool set
Programming_Language    : Unix shell commands
Portations              : components on SunOS and HP-UX
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