CiTR Travel Policy

Object_Id               : 163
Title                   : CiTR Travel Policy
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : Microsoft Word
Address                 :  http://web/citr/Human_Resources/Travel%20Policy.doc
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Abstract                : This document covers;
                          o  Responsibilities 
                          o  Making Travel Arrangements 
                          o  Air Travel 
                          o  Accommodation 
                          o  Car Rentals & other local transport 
                          o  Meals and Entertainment 
                          o  Overseas Travel - Tax Office Requirements 
                          o  Other reimbursable expenses 
                          o  Non-reimbursable Expenses 
                          o  Travel Insurance 
                          o  When Staying with Friends 
                          o  Payment Methods - corporate cards 
                          o  Airline Club Memberships 
                          o  Export Market Development Grant Claim 
                          o  ANNEX A - Per Diem Rates, Synergy Project, Contact Numbers 
                          o  ANNEX B - Travel Diary 
                          o  ANNEX C - Overseas Project Tenders - form 
Date_Entry_Created      : 15/01/97
Entry_Created_By        : jane
Date_Entry_Last_Modified: 28/01/98
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Date_Item_Created       : early 1996
Usage_Conditions        : Applies to all CiTR travel
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Authors_and_Contributors: AnnMaree McGinley
                          Rose Heywood
Projects_Used_In        : all requiring travel
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Related_Items           : Also to be found in citr@citron:Human_Resources 
                          are the following Word documents:
                          o   Long Term Relocation guide
                          o   Short Term Relocation guide
                          o   Travel Incentive Policy
                          To be found in 
                          citr@citron:Templates:TEMPLATES-CorpServices are Excel documents:
                          o  travel request form
                          o  travel diary
                          o  travel expense claim worksheet
                          o  Overseas Transit Insurance Advice

Document_Type           : Policy
Additional_Info         : Navigate citr@citron as follows:
                                    Travel Policy
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                          For quick reference, a converted HTML version of the policy (as at Mar 96) is:

                          NOTE: For the CiTR Travel Coordinator, see: