How to generate gif and/or jpeg files (e.g. to put images on your web pages)

Object_Id               : 148
Title                   : How to generate gif and/or jpeg files (e.g. to put images on
                          your web pages)
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Abstract                : This entry looks at ways to produce gif files, e.g. for 
                          your web page.
                          [This is currently a rough draft - please email me if you have
                          information to add]
                          Some approaches are:
                          o  use the "psrast" tool that comes with WebWorks (on Unix) to
                             convert a postscript file to a gif file (to get the postscript
                             file, you could "Print" a Frame doc containing just the
                             diagram to a postscript file). See 
                             for a procedure you can adapt.
                          o  I think you can get our scanner/scanner software to produce
                             gif  - talk to Andrew Baker (or possibly Hoylen Sue - 
                             watch this spot for more info)
                          o  Internet Assistant for Word does it sometimes (i.e. I've 
                             had mixed success with the Mac version - from memory it 
                             sometimes screws up the colours.)
                          o  Hoylen Sue has used a tool "pbmplus" & says it is excellent; see:

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