Procedure for ordering software

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Title                   : Procedure for ordering software
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Address                 : n/a (from an email broadcast by David Sammut)
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Abstract                : Just a reminder that if you order any software the expense 
                          request should be sent to myself (the internal support manager
                          - David Sammut) and the goods should be made deliverable to 
                          either Support or the Library (Pippa).  
                          Without this happening there is no record of appropriate 
                          licensing for the software in addition to you risking ordering
                          some software that we already have!
                          Of late we have been slipping up with this important process. 
                          If you have bought software in the last few months and you 
                          have not done this could you please email me the details.
                          David S
Date_Entry_Created      : 03/12/96
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Contact_Person          : Internal Support Manager (D. Sammut)  mailto:support_manager@citr
IP_or_Copyright_Owner   : CiTR
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Usage_Conditions        : as above, this procedure must be followed to ensure
                          we don't waste money on duplicate purchases and 
                          also so licencing arrangements get recorded.
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Projects_Used_In        : must be used in all when
                          software is being purchased.
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