TP414.1 - Implementation of Test Manager for Automated Test

Object_Id               : 11
Title                   : TP414.1 - Implementation of Test Manager for Automated Test
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : HTML
Address                 : See archived PFS
Keywords                : Intelligent
Abstract                : Implementation of a Test Manager for managing test tools being used
                          for testing the integrity of signalling of new switched network
                          services.  Test tools provide SS7 link monitoring and terminal
                          emulation, and ISDN CPE terminal 
Date_Entry_Created      : 13/09/96
Entry_Created_By        : A.Mortimer
Date_Entry_Last_Modified: 13/09/96
Entry_Last_Modified_By  : A.Mortimer
Project_Code            : TP414.1
Project_Type            : development
Project_Status          : complete
Warnings                : 
Contact_Person          : Peter Bell, Nick Parkyn, Nigel Cook
Current_or_Final_PM     : Peter Bell, Nigel Cook
Current_or_Final_AE     : Nick Parkyn
Customer_Contact        : Phil Virgona
Customer                : Telstra Australia
Owner_of_Works          : Specification is owned by Telecom Australia.
                          CiTR owned material used on project remains CiTRs
                          but has to be added to the schedule or notified to 
                          Telstra in writing.
                          All IP in Contract Material is owned by Telecom.
Support_re_Ownership    : Clause 10,11 of the contract: 11311.
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Date_Opportunity_Raised : Aug 1993
Date_Proj_Started_Work  : 1/2/95
Date_Project_Completed  : 1/9/95
CiTR_people_involved    : Nigel Cook, Peter Bell, Paul Foster (Architect), 
                          Robyn Hancock, Derek Thomson, Steven Bird,
                          Michael Wright, Jeremy Rixon
Customer_people_involved: Phil Virgona, Bill Yeung, Michael Hunter
Other_Contributors      : 
Related_Projects        : TP414 - Design Phase
Additional_Info         : Useful skills: knowledge of SS7, switched 
                          network testing tools and methods, GUI Design tool.
                          Waterfall methodology.
                          Outside normal focus area, but provided useful
                          training and knowledge, particularly for projects
                          such as