Structure & Roles of the CiTR Sales (Business Development) Team

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Title                   : Structure and Roles of the CiTR Sales (Business Development) Team
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Abstract                : The Structure & Roles of the Sales (Business Development) 
                          Team is not yet clearly defined and until it is the 
                          following people are responsible for customer interface and 
                          Nigel Cook:     NEC (J & N.A.)
                                          Worldtalk from 31.10.96
                                          All North American Activities (incl.Synergy and CCM)
                          Steve Williams: Binnariang
                                          Telecom Malaysia
                                          All CCM activities in Asia and Australia
                          John Gottschalk:Optus
                                          Worldtalk to end users in Australia
                          Leith Hayes:    Telstra Corporation
                          This does not mean that all existing interfaces to customers 
                          are to be changed, only that the above people are responsible 
                          for Revenue and the retention of the above as clients.
                                                  Peter Taylor
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