CiTR Staff Review Templates and Guidelines

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Title                   : CiTR Staff Review Templates and Guidelines
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                          career level
Abstract                : CiTR's annual staff appraisal is aimed at encouraging 
                          excellence, and maximising the long term success of
                          the organisation and its staff through: 
                          -  establishing an agreed performance plan for each staff 
                          -  allowing individuals to assess their performance and 
                             agree this with their managers,
                          -  providing a formal method for recognising the career 
                             development needs and aspirations of individuals,
                          -  defining a process for determining career levels and 
                             promotions within the organisation.
                          The primary focus for this review cycle will be on 
                          establishing a performance plan and a career plan for
                          each staff member. 
                          Note: This entry points to the Guidelines document.
                          The locations of the templates can be found at the
                          end of the Guidelines.
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