How to get files that are on the citr@citron volume

Object_Id               : 86
Title                   : How to get files that are on the citr@citron volume
Node_Type               : Production
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Address                 : n/a (see "Additional_Info" below)
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Abstract                : There are many files (usually in Word or Excel format) on
                          the disk area often referred to as "citr@citron".
                          This area is designed to be a share area for Macintosh (& PC)
                          users and is also offers a way for Mac users to exchange
                          files in a controlled way (the "File Exchange" folder).
                          See "Additional_Info" below for ways to access citr@citron:
                             1. directly, from a Macintosh [PC procedure to be added]
                             2. via a web browser (and the repository server)
Date_Entry_Created      : 15/10/96
Entry_Created_By        : jane
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Context_or_When_To_Use  : When wanting to obtain an editable copy of a
                          document on citr@citron & referenced in the 
Procedure_Number        : n/a
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Additional_Info         : 
                          1. direct access from a Macintosh: [PC procedure to be added]
                            Use  Chooser from the "Apple logo" menu 
                                 click "AppleShare" & select "citron" from 
                                 the list & press OK
                                      @¨tselect citr@citron
                                         enter your (UNIX) password
                            Close the Chooser window & locate the 
                            citr@citron icon on your desktop & Open it.
                          2. via a web browser
                          o  Click on the Title or URL given (if clickable)
                            ...wait til it finishes (ignore gobbledygook)
                            then do a Save (as Source not Text). 
                            This should get you a copy which works. Just load
                            Word or Excel & "Open" the document.
                            (You may have to click "Show All Files" to see it.)
                            (Note: If the document has been created with
                            Excel 5 or Word 6 or later, the file will
                            also work on PCs with these versions.) 
                          If the Title or URL is not clickable:
                          o Copy & paste the URL given in @§˜the repository
                            entry into the "Location" box or "Open
                            Location" dialogue box, e.g.:

                          o If a URL is not given directly, you can build 
                            the URL from citr@citron folder
                            navigation information by starting the URL as:

                            & follow it by the folder/file names; e.g.:
                                Pro-forma Invoice
                            builds up to 

                            (Note: replace a space by %20)
                          [Note: Update the above when ftp works & when all
                          URLs are made clickable]
                          Note re the "File Exchange" folder:
                            This is an area where each person has a folder
                            only they can write to, but all can read 
                            [& therefore copy from]

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