_E634: CiTR Repository

Object_Id               : 8
Title                   : _E634:  CiTR Repository
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : HTML
Address                 :  http://repository:13531/MORE/
Keywords                : 
Abstract                : _E634 is a project to set up a repository of information /
                          a knowledge management system at CiTR to facilitate:
                           -  code re-use
                           -  sharing of experiences
                           -  resource discovery
                           -  etc.
                          The system being set up is based on the "MORE" repository
                           (see  http://rbse.jsc.nasa.gov:80/MORE/ for more information)
                          developed by the University of Houston - Clear Lake, for 
                          (or in association with?) NASA.
                          It involves/involved:
                          - porting the code from Oracle to Ingres (thanks Gordon),
                          - making custom changes to the code (thanks Gordon and Vernon),
                          - designing a class and collection structure for our requirements (Jane &  lots),
                          - documenting the system (Gordon and Jane, with feedback from others),),
                          - entering information (everyone - yes, you can too!), etc.
Date_Entry_Created      : 12/09/96
Entry_Created_By        : jane
Date_Entry_Last_Modified: 22/01/98
Entry_Last_Modified_By  : jane
Project_Code            : _E634
Project_Type            : development
Project_Status          : work in progress
Warnings                : 
Contact_Person          :  mailto:j.clark@citr.com.au
Current_or_Final_PM     : Jane Clark
Current_or_Final_AE     : 
Customer_Contact        : Peter Bell / Norm Lawler (was Adrian Mor
Customer                : CiTR - Engineering Division
Owner_of_Works          : I would expect that the class and collection
                          design, the system enhancements & the custom CiTR
                          documentation are ours, although the starting
                          point ("MORE") is owned by the University of Houston -
                          Clear Lake (UHCL).
Support_re_Ownership    : See  http://rbse.jsc.nasa.gov:80/MORE/copyright.txt

Usage_Conditions        : The MORE software is free for academic,
                          research and internal business purposes.
                          It can be distributed as long as the copyright
                          notice is included.
                          Derivatives can be distributed freely
                          (but, must notify UHCL & notify recipient that
                          it is a derivative).
                          Commercial use requires negotiation, though, to me,
                          use in an "systems integration" / "installation"
                          project is grey.
Support_re_Usage_Condns : See  http://rbse.jsc.nasa.gov:80/MORE/copyright.txt

Date_Opportunity_Raised : n/a
Date_Proj_Started_Work  : Jun 96 (?)
Date_Project_Completed  : 
CiTR_people_involved    : Gordon McNair (he started it),
                          Jane Clark,
                          members of the "reuse" mailing list,
                          Adrian Mortimer,
                          Walter Williams,
                          Solution Team Managers,
                          many others (thanks all).
Other_Contributors      : 
Related_Projects        : (put spin-off work here :-)  )	
Additional_Info         : The documentation for the system starts at:

                          This project is very important to CiTR so 
                          we "know what we don't know & resell what we've 
                          learned". There will be some cultural change as 
                          a result, because everyone must "own" the system.

Class: Project


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