Exception Handling: A False Sense of Security by Tom Cargill

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Title                   : Exception Handling: A False Sense of Security by Tom Cargill
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Address                 :  http://web/home/foster/documents/ExceptionHandling.html
Keywords                : C++
Abstract                : A discussion of exception handling in C++ and the
                          difficulties involved in using them properly and the
                          associated costs involved. 
                          Cargill illustrates his points through a code example
                          which he modifies and reviews. He finishes by 
                          stating that he is not confident that he understands
                          all the interactions involved well enough to write 
                          the correct code.
                          This article appeared in C++ Report, Volume 6, Number 9,
                          Nov-Dec 1994.
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Entry_Created_By        : Paul Foster
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Other_Opinions          : Worth a read if you are thinking about using C++ 
                          This is assuming your compiler implements them 
                          properly ;)
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