SunOS to HP-UX 9.05 Porting Guide

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Title                   : SunOS to HP-UX 9.05 Porting Guide
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Abstract                : 
                          This guide provides information and hints on porting from
                          SunOS 4.1.3 to HP-UX 9.05. A porting experience from SunOS
                          to HP-UX need not -- and should not -- be painful. HP-UX 
                          has many of the same system calls and tools found on SunOS.
                          This guide should direct you through most of the known 
                          differences and facilitate your introduction to the 
                          development environment on HP-UX. 
Date_Entry_Created      : 02/10/96
Entry_Created_By        : Paul Foster
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Asset_Qualification     : good / very useful
Other_Opinions          : This document provides an excellent coverage of
                          the system call interfaces and where applicable
                          also provides C code implementations of missing
                          API calls.
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Obtained_From           : An FTP site at the University of Iowa.
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Document_Type           : Programmer Manual / Documentation / Help
Additional_Info         : Topics covered by the Guide are the following:-
                          * Development Environment
                          * Compilers
                          * Other Development Tools
                          * Libraries
                          * Graphics (OSF/Motif)
                          * Signals
                          * Interprocess Communication
                          * Miscellaneous (Daemons, Device Drivers etc)
                          * System and Library Command Cross Reference
                            SunOS and HP-UX System Call Differences
                            SunOS and HP-UX Library Routine Differences
                          Document also available in Postscript.

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