Proof of Identity Declaration for Passport Applications - CiTR

Object_Id               : 38
Title                   : Proof of Identity Declaration for Passport Applications - CiTR
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : group
Address                 : see "Abstract" for people
Keywords                : witness
Abstract                : When you apply for a passport, you need to get someone who fits into certain professional categories to confirm your
                          identity & sign your passport photos. (The person needs to 
                          have known you for at least one year.)
                          The categories are listed on page 3 of the application form.
                          CiTR people who fit the categories are:
                          -  Walter Williams, Sharon Ditchburn, Chris Lee - all under Item 1B.
                          Otherwise, try your doctor, dentist or vet. Also, I understand 
                          members of the Institution of Engineers can sign; see me -
                 - if you want to be a guinea pig.
                          For more info on getting your passport, see: 

Date_Entry_Created      : 26/09/96
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Related_Items           : Notes on obtaining a passport:

                          JP list: 

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