NC380.2: NEC ATM Phase 3

Object_Id               : 29
Title                   : NC380.2: NEC ATM Phase 3
Node_Type               : Production
Format                  : group
Address                 :  http://repository:13531/projects/necatm/380/doc.2/RDS_TOC.html
Keywords                : 
Abstract                : Fix this:
                          Development of NEC Model5 switch SNMP agent, NEC ATM host
                          adapter SNMP agent, HP OpenView Windows based network
                          management system supporting manual topology and PVC
Date_Entry_Created      : 18/09/96
Entry_Created_By        : Jane Clark
Date_Entry_Last_Modified: 22/01/98
Entry_Last_Modified_By  : jane
Project_Code            : NC380.2
Project_Type            : development
Project_Status          : complete
Warnings                : 
Contact_Person          : David Horton
Current_or_Final_PM     :  ??
Current_or_Final_AE     :  ??
Customer_Contact        : Dr Hiroshi Suzuki
Customer                : NEC Japan C&C Research Laboratories
Owner_of_Works          : fix this:
                          Joint CiTR/NEC. Exclusive licensing rights apply
                          to NEC until 1 October 1996.
Support_re_Ownership    : fix this:
                          Contract clause 5.
Usage_Conditions        : Preferable to notify NEC of our intention to reuse
                          IP via account manager.
Support_re_Usage_Condns : see  http://repository:13531/more/UI_Metadata/public/1/26
Date_Opportunity_Raised : ?
Date_Proj_Started_Work  : April 93 ??
Date_Project_Completed  : June 94 ??
CiTR_people_involved    : fix this:
                          Dr Leith Hayes
                          David Manfield
                          David Horton
                          Geoff Thompson
                          Bill Segall
Customer_people_involved: fix this:
                          Dr Hiroshi Suzuki
                          Atsushi Iwata
                          Naoki Mori
Other_Contributors      : 
Related_Projects        : NC380.0 -  http://repository:13531/more/UI_Metadata/public/1/27 
                          NC380.1 -  http://repository:13531/more/UI_Metadata/public/1/28 
                          NC380.3 -  http://repository:13531/more/UI_Metadata/public/1/30 
                          NC380.4 -  http://repository:13531/more/UI_Metadata/public/1/31

                          [future ones]
Additional_Info         : fix this:
                          Project to develop initial host and switch SNMP
                          agents and develop initial ATM OpenView based
                          management system supporting manual operations.
                          eg Add/Delete Nodes, Physical connections, PVCs.
                          Further projects added automation to these

Class: Project


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