GTK (GIMP Toolkit) Widget Library on top of X11 (GNU)

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Title                   : GTK (GIMP Toolkit) Widget Library on top of X11 (GNU)
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Keywords                : GNU, toolkit, library, widget, X11
Abstract                : GTK is a widget library written on top of X11. It provides
 all of the standard widgets etc. lists, trees, buttons etc. 

 There are atleast in progress anyway Java, Python and C++ bindings. The current
 binding is in C.

 It is very easy to use - except for the tree widget. Its main advantage is it
 runs fast.
Date_Entry_Created      : 14/10/98
Entry_Created_By        : foster
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Programming_Language    : C
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Source_Location         :/scratch/tmp/paul/gtk+-1.0.6.tar.gz 
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Library Location        :/scratch/tmp/paul/gtk 
Additional_Info         : Binaries require -lX11 -lXt -lXext to link.