World Time & Dialing Codes - from the WHITE PAGES(tm)

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Title                   : World Time & Dialing Codes - from the WHITE PAGES(tm)
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Abstract                : (If you have Netscape 1.1N [Mac version anyway], you will have to
                          use the text version - )
                          This service from Telstra gives you the time anywhere in the world.
                          You enter where you are (Australia / Brisbane) then the 
                          Country and State where your colleague/friend/relative is
                          It returns the current time there. A 24 hour time comparison
                          table is a click away (great to print out & keep by the 
                          phone and/or give to your "loved ones" before you travel).
                          You also get the dialling prefixes (IDD + country code + area
                          code) to use.
                          For travellers:
                          Before you go, you could do it in reverse, so when you get there,
                          you have all the information you need to call home.
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                          Steve Kropla's pages (other world time & dialling
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