Mastering the Requirements Process - Requirements Specification Template

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Title                   : Mastering the Requirements Process - Requirements Specification
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Abstract                : (Note: Your browser will need to support Frames; if not, we have
                          a hard copy in the Library.)
                          This template was provided during the course attended by Adrian Mortimer
                          on determining and describing requirements specifications. (See:
                              http://repository:13531/more/UI_Metadata/public/1/207 ) 
                          From the template document:
                          "This template is built on the basis that every requirement is
                           measurable - somehow."
                          The template is a set of headings with instructions / guidelines
                          on the content that should be provided. 
                          The contents of the template are:
                               Requirement Shell
                               Requirement Numbering
                               Definitions Used in this Template
                          [Template / Requirements Spec. Outline starts here]
                          SYSTEM CONSTRAINTS:
                               1. The Purpose of the System
                               2. Customer For the System
                               3. Users of the System
                               4. Naming Conventions And Definitions
                               5. Relevant Facts
                               6. Project Constraints
                               7. Assumptions
                          FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS:
                               8. The Scope of the System
                               9. Function and Data Requirements
                          NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS:
                               10.  Look and Feel
                               11. Usability
                               12. Performance
                               13. Operational
                               14. Maintainability
                               15. Security
                               16. Political
                               17.  Legal
                          PROJECT ISSUES:
                               18. Open Issues
                               19. Off-the-Shelf Solutions
                               20. New Problems
                               21. Tasks
                               22. Cutover
                               23. User Documentation
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Other_Opinions          : Adrian went to the course & felt the content/approach
                          fits CiTR's way/desired way of doing things.
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Date_Item_Created       : Edition 3 - 1996
Usage_Conditions        : The hard copy Adrian got says: "... may be copied for 
                          internal use provided copyright is acknowledged"
                          The web site says something like: "use freely, but
                          let us know if you do"
Support_re_Usage_Condns : see book or web site
Authors_and_Contributors: James & Suzanne Robertson


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