Use of mailing lists at CiTR

Object_Id               : 193
Title                   : Use of mailing lists at CiTR
Node_Type               : Production
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Keywords                : email
Abstract                : There are several mailing lists set up on the internal network at
                          the John Oxley Centre.
                          These allow you to broadcast important information or focus your
                          email to the group most likely to be interested.
                          The most common aliases you will need to know are: 
                            citr - All staff in CiTR
                            john-oxley - All CiTR staff at John Oxley Centre ("jox" is an alias for this)
                            citrccm - All CiTR staff at the Hewlett Packard (CCM) Site
                            citrinc - All CiTR staff based at Boulder/Ft Collins (US)
                            citrdstc - All CiTR staff based at the DSTC
                            citrspecial - Other CiTR staff - not at any of the above.
                            support - Lodge a support request to the internal support staff
                          The list with the biggest membership is "citr@citr". It should
                          be used sparingly, because someone is sure to be uninterested in
                          your message even if they don't complain.
                          There are many other lists - see the Mailing List web page for more information:

                          (Note: As at 17 March 1997, I don't think the mail to newsgroup
                          aliases are active.)
                          The definitive list is on citron, in /etc/aliases (takes some wading through!)
                          (It is the same list as is found through the mailing list web page,
                          I believe.)
Date_Entry_Created      : 05/03/97
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Projects_Used_In        : CiTR wide use
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Related_Items           : CiTR email address convention:
Context_or_When_To_Use  : Use mail aliases to send your emails to the people
                          most interested.
Procedure_Number        : ad hoc
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